Dear Vampire Diaries Fans,

a long period of time has passed without news about BloodyCon. We are very sorry about that, but we had to clarify, consider and discuss a lot of things which took a bit of time.

Because of exhaustion, Ian Somerhalder doesn't want to do another BloodyCon and most of the other actors from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals couldn't confirm their attendance until now or are already attending other Conventions, we unfortunately have no other choice but to inform you that there won't be a BloodyCon in 2014.

Please believe us when we say that this discussion has not come easily to us. It hurts us to disappoint you, but there is no use in holding a BloodyCon without the guests you want to see the most. You would be disappointed and we would certainly be left with our expenses for the Hotel etc. It doesn't make sense to have a Convention and “only” inviting supporting actors, because it would never be enough to even have the minimum of registrations.

We thought about inviting some of the actors from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals to RingCon in October 2014. Some of you have already been to RingCon which offers a lot more than BloodyCon ever could: Fans in costumes, lectures, workshops, actors from various Fantasy-Movies and – Series, exhibitions and a lot of other things. The atmosphere is unique and there will be a few new additions which we will be able to tell you about shortly.

Give RingCon 2013 a chance, we will soon be able to announce the first guests from VD and/or The Originals on our Website.
Your team of FedCon Events

Dirk Bartholomä

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